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Adult Sexual Massage

To heck with deep tissue and Shiatsu rub downs! If you really want to let go of all of your pent up stresses, then what you need to treat yourself to is an adult sexual massage. Just imagine lying on your belly while a woman delicately strokes your back. Then picture her stroking her hands across your lower back and your lower-lower backside. I'm referring to a nice butt massage before rolling onto your back and having your sensitive naughty bits taken care of. For the women, they can take a sigh of sweet relief and extra-sweet release as her masseuse squeezes the tension out of her juggs and nipples, as well as washes her hands over the babe's clit. Meanwhile, the guys like to be treated to what's called a happy ending. That's when the masseuse wraps both hands around his dick and jerks him off until he cums.


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