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Traffic Tips For Low to No Budget Webmasters

by Cyndalie of AdultChamber

Letís face it, running an adult site is tough work.† After the expense and hassle of creating a design, site identity, niche, domain name, buying content, and setting up hosting and billing, many webmasters forget the driving factor behind what will make the site profitable.† Traffic.

By the time webmasters get their sites up and running, they are then smacked in the face by a whole new set of challenges.† Oh Marketing! "You mean that doesnít come with my hosting package?"† Finding a good traffic source is like finding a diamond in the rough these days.† TANSTAAFL (There ainít no such thing as a free lunch) as Robert Heinlein would say.† But how is one supposed to create a living by scraping off the bottom of the barrel?† It takes money to make money and it takes traffic to generate traffic, so how are low-budget webmasters supposed to survive?

This is a question I am confronted with by webmasters daily.† "Where I can find free places to drive quality traffic?"† Below I have outlined a few possibilities every webmaster should try at least once.† "Different strokes for different folks", what works for one site may not work for another and it is an important learning experience to try, measure, tweak and develop the right system of marketing habits that are manageable and profitable.

Adult Search Engines/Link Directories
Submitting to adult search engines and link directories is a good way to start bring your site some free exposure.† There are many benefits to this marketing tactic. Traffic results are a lot faster than mainstream search engines, hits often resulting in days rather than weeks.† Many require reciprocal links that helps your site to establish link relevancy, popularity, and allows you to interact and establish relationships with other webmasters. If you have more than one site you are promoting, it helps to use a resource that lists adult search engines so that you spend more time submitting and less time searching for engines to submit to.† However, searching for sites that rank high for keywords related to your site or finding niche directories can help you attract more targeted traffic to your site.† Find a huge list of adult search engines at ,, and, to name a few.

Banner and Exit Exchange Networks
Banner exchange networks are good because they allow your banners exposure on sites that they otherwise would not appear on, so it's a good idea to participate in 2-3 different exchange programs. However don't trade those money making banner spots and try out a few programs to see which one best works for your site. This is not a traffic solution, but an addition. The same is true with exit exchange networks however be careful that the sites in the exchange network are not "pop-up hells" sending surfers into circles of pop up windows.† Also consider programs that provide link codes that allow no "exit window" to open when the user clicks on a link to enter the site rather than go back.
You can find a listing of adult banner and exit exchange networks at,, and

TGP has come under some heavy criticism over the past year, and for good reason.† TGPís are not a good way for low budget webmasters to promote their sites due to the usual amount of high bandwidth usage (and bills) as well as the notion that the more free porn provided on the net, the less profits in your pockets.† TGP2 programs were created to help webmasters counter some of the negative factors by limiting the number of clickable-to-full-size images (5-10) and suggest only posting softer-core content.† But with the difficulty of maintaining multiple galleries, each only good for posting to 2-3 TGP posts, tracking expirations, moving images, preventing hot-linking and content theft, etc.. well TGPís are, for more many webmasters, more of a headache than a help.† If you want to give TGPís a shot and learn for yourself, you can find TGP and TGP2 resources at,,,, and

Pic Posts
Iíve always been a big fan of pic posts. They are faster and easier to create than a TGP gallery, are easy to maintain and manage, and can double as doorway pages for search engine marketing.† A pic post page usually consists of banner, image, link, banner down the page.† If you pick a short description of the image like "Blond girls xxx upskirt pictures" and copy and paste that into the title, description, keyword, alt tag for the image, link, and in header font at the top of the page, ranking is cake!† Include a soft-core image, banner for your site and a banner for a sponsor as well as reciprocal link as required and start submitting.† Sites like and are great resources for pic post submission.

Newsgroups are a pain in the you know what but they do drive some traffic and it is worth a shot.† I donít know all about subscribing to newsgroups and such, but I do know you can register and submit free at Google Iíd say submit 2-3 per day and see what happens.† Donít spend all your time on one thing, an even spread is ideal. Getting stuck on one thing that works or one traffic source is a common mistake many webmasters make.† Since anything can happen, itís good to build up a multitude of traffic sources for good year-round business.† offers very affordable newsgroup advertising services that are definitely worth exploring if you want to give it a shot but may not necessarily have the time, resources, or knowledge to do it properly.

Toplists are a good option for niche and fetish sites, but do not seem to work as well for general hardcore sites.† Amateur sites seem to do well also. Toplists rank listings by counting the number clicks coming from your site to the top list and the number of clicks from the top list to your site.† Usually the top 10-20 sites will have their banner displayed so again, it is a good, free way to get your site exposure to a cross market of traffic that would otherwise never see your site.† I recently discovered and that are good resources for finding niche toplists to try out.

And finally we all know about search engines.† It takes major time, research, and skills to learn, but they cannot be ignored.† Itís best to learn search engine marketing over time by reading engine FAQís and articles about writing copy, choosing keywords, and optimization tricks.† Since there is no "magic formula" many webmasters give up in frustration, but essentially the main idea is to be consistent when writing text content, creating page titles and writing keyword rich content in sentence form.† The rest falls into place over time.

I hope you find these tried and true strategies refreshing, and give each a fair chance.† Once you begin to stream in steady profits then focus on member retention and paid listing advertising strategies. Remember to always reinvest your profits in new ways to drive more business, and you will be in business for a long time to come.

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