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Choosing The Right Keywords for your Adult Web Site

by Jason of BoobDollars

Today on the internet, keyword marketing is more important than ever. With the right keywords on your adult web site you can get a lot more traffic from the search engines. Using these keywords in your meta-tags, and text on your site will place you higher on the search engine rankings, and get you more traffic to your adult web site.

Here are a few simple ways to find the right keywords for your web site:

1) Go to and type in the phrase that best describes your adult web site. If you operate a big boob site than type in big boobs in the query box, this will pull up all the big boob sites that Google is currently indexing in the big boob category of their mature content directory.

2) Go to the top 3 sites and click through to the site. Right click your mouse on the page, then select "View Source" and click it to open the source code. If the site has disabled this feature for some reason then go to the top on the page to the tool bar and select "View" and then select "Source" and you will get the same result.

3) On the source page take a look at the line "meta name="keywords" content=", these are all the keywords that this site is using. Then cut all these keywords and paste them onto another document so that we can use them in Step 4 below. Do this for the other 2 sites as well. Pay attention to "" tag.

4) You should now have a document with all the keywords from the top three adult sites for the keyword phrase big boobs on a new document, get rid of all the duplicates now. Now lets go to Overture and see what all the related keywords are for each of them, click here to go to the Overture Search Engine Suggestion tool.

5) Now type all the keywords into the tool and grab the top 3 searches for each keyword and put them onto a new document. Once you have done this, then put the words together into sentences that are keyword rich. For example the returns from Overture for the keyword "boob" are, boob, big boob, and huge boob. So a great keyword rich sentence and page title could be, "Check out the huge boobs on Audra Mitchell, watch her play with her big boobs in our free picture section." Now remember that is just one word, you have tons of words on your document to use and make better sentences.

Use these words to make keyword rich content for your sites and also for the meta-tags. Now this is just a taste of what you can do with keywords. In the upcoming months we will be giving you many more tips and tricks on how to generate more traffic to your adult web sites and get more joins. Don't forget we update our content 5 days a week on all BoobDollars sites.

If you have any questions about this article or any of our past articles, or want to submit an article, please do not hesitate to contact me by clicking here.



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