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Making Your First Adult Web Site

by Darren of


Well hopefully by now you have now managed to learn a few basic HTML tags and can put together a simple web page. I will now take you through the building process page by page and give you examples along the way. In any of the examples, to see the source HTML code just do View - Source in your browser and you can see the code behind the web page.

First, we need to think what type of site you are going to do. Do whatever you want, there are tons of fetishes, niches and sub-niches, usually the more obscure ones sell better. I recommend you do a site based on a niche you actually like as you will probably be able to sell it better. But in the end, you could do anything, straight people can promote gay sites and vice versa. Some webmasters concentrate their efforts on one niche and try to get a high share of that market, whereas others might try to get a few sites with a broad range of themes to give them a finger in as many pies as possible, as it were. ;)

For my example site, I am popping over to Max Cash and downloading some of their free content. I will make an ebony site and use Cyber Sex Network (CSN) as the AVS system. Max Cash offer free content if you promote their sites from your web page. Bear that in mind, you cannot just use their free content and promote other unrelated sites or your own. Sure, you can make an AVS site from it and try to get some AVS sales. Your other revenue source will be from any visitors who click on your banners. I will call the site 'Sexy Black Women' and it will promote the Max Cash site Ebony Fantasy. I will place a few Ebony Fantasy banners around my site. If anyone clicks on them and signs up for a $2.95 trial, Max Cash will pay you up to $35. Also, make sure the type of site you are advertising matches your content - there's no point placing banner ads to a fetish site on a site with black women. Most of the surfers who will end up at my site will probably like black women so that is the type of upsell you should offer.

(Note: An upsell is when you place banner ads or text links in your members area to try to get people who have already whipped their credit card out once for their CSN ID's, to do so again for a one-off pay site or service, in this case it's the Ebony Fantasy megasite)

So, your first job is to click here and sign yourself up with Max Cash and choose one of their web sites to promote. Once you have signed up, navigate to the free content area and download the pics and save them to a new folder on your hard drive. For a Cyber Sex Network regular site, which is what we are making here, you will need a minimum of 30 pictures to be accepted. Now you are ready to start making your pages. The pics will be in compressed zip file so you will need to unzip them into a folder after downloading.

An example of the layout of your first AVS site START PAGE
Your first page can be as simple as a title and a warning, with enter and exit links underneath. You could also add a sample image to try to tease the surfer into your site. Give your site a suitable title and you're away! I'm calling this one 'Sexy Black Women' and I have downloaded 30 softcore pics from Maximum Cash.

Click here to see my start page. It really is that simple. I have placed a banner here to Ebony Fantasy also. I could just advertise that on the inside but it gives surfers an extra option. They could continue into my site and if they have not got the password they can buy a Cyber Sex Network ID from my site to get access or if they prefer a dedicated black women mega site they can click my banner and go over to Ebony Fantasy. (I will be paid if they sign up there too!)

You can get all your banners and text link suggestions from the Max Cash site and also, most importantly your special linking codes which will contain your username so any sales can be tracked and credited to you!

On your main page you should try to sell the content you are offering by telling the surfers what is inside the members area. You could also offer a few sample images here. Obviously offer up some of the best pics here to get the surfer interested. Also, you need to sell the ID to the surfer, in this case Cyber Sex Network (CSN). Tell the surfer all the advantages of having a CSN ID and what it gets them. The fact that their CSN ID will get them into thousands of other adult sites, not just yours is the biggest selling point, so use these facts to your advantage. Noone is really going to cough up bucks just to see your paltry 30 pics site, so tell them all about the thousands of other adult web sites they can access and about all the bonus stuff available from CSN.

Click here to see my main page and get some ideas of what I mean. I have offered 4 sample images that lead to the bigger pictures on html pages. You could just link the samples to the large .jpg file but having the images displayed on a web page allows you to place banners and text links advertising around the pics. If you want to create thumbnails (the small sample images) you can use many software tools to do this. I've not tried this yet but Express Thumbnail Creator 1.45 sounds good for beginners. You need to get a graphics package anyway, like Paint Shop Pro and learn how to use it. Thumbs Plus is another good one that can create lots of thumbnails in one go.

On my main page I have also placed the Cyber Sex Network (CSN) log in script. (you will get this when you submit your site to Cyber Sex Network). You could have it on a separate page but since I am talking about the ID on this page, I should give them a direct link to the Apply page. To get your CSN log in script you need to submit your site to Cyber Sex Network. You can sign up as a CSN webmaster here and you can host the site free with CSN hosting services. Next, go here to sign up for free hosting with Cyber Sex Network hosting and upload your site (so far!) to your free web space. Full instructions on how to upload will be emailed to you. Also you need an FTP client so download WS FTP here which is a nice free FTP client which you can use to upload your files to your web space.

You can upload your pages and pics again when you have finished or changed anything. Then submit your site to the Cyber Sex Network system. You will need to know your URL's. For my example, my new site URLs are:

  • Start page -
  • Script page -
  • Content page -

    Your URL's will be determined by what you choose as the site name on the hosting signup form. But the structure will be :

    You should create a sub-directory in your folder called members and put all your images in there. Then, copy the samples and thumb samples you are using into your main directory. This is a simple page with the title at the top, a banner to Ebony Fantasy and then the big picture with a link to the log in script. Once you have made sample1.html you can just use the same file and save it as sample2.html but just change the picture and maybe the banner too for each one.

    This page is merely the AVS log in script. I have added some sales text at the top of my page showing what a CyberAge ID gets you. Click here to view my AVS log in page.

    This is where you display all your pictures also known as the content area. As this is behind an AVS you can put uncensored pictures in here safely. Take a look ay my example. I have placed a banner also to Ebony Fantasy and I may add a few different upsell links later. You do not need to put as much effort into this page than the others. Anyone visiting this page already has a Cyber Sex Network ID so you can't sell them another. Your outer pages are the ones you need to put more effort into and make them look pretty.

    There's a lot to take in in this article. If you need any help, just ask in the forums. I will always try to help. If you feel that anything here needs further explanation just email at the address below.

    Darren -

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