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Maximizing Pay Per Click Revenue

by SenseiDru of

A lot of websites these days overlook using Pay Per Click sponsors to generate revenue. I have noticed that a great deal of adult sites, particularly sites such as TGPs, rely on using per-sale or partnership programs. While these programs can generate a great deal of revenue, Webmasters of these sites are overlooking an important area which can be used to get those extra $$$.

If you submit galleries to TGPs then I would recommend using a pay per click sponsor. The reason why you will make more money using a pay per click sponsor on a thumbnail gallery is because as we all know TGP traffic is extremely low quality. Ask yourself, why is someone going to signup for a porn site when they have 10,000+ free pics in front of them? Answer… they are not going to. I have successfully submitted many galleries to TGPs and made some decent $$$ in a few days by using pay per click sponsors.

Recently I submitted a gallery using the AdultClicks pay per click sponsor and I made $52.30 in one day. While this is not an enormous amount of money, it is more than what I normally get when I submit a gallery, get 15,000 unique visitors to it, 30 clicks, and no signups. I am not saying that there is no money to be made using partnership or per signup sponsors, but you may find it is easier and maybe even more lucrative to use sponsors of the pay per click variety.

I have run the Sexie18 TGP for over 2 years now and I am learning that getting people to signup for porn is extremely difficult, I have made a few signups but nothing serious. I tried using a pay per click sponsor and to my surprise I found that there was a way of making money from my TGP traffic. I do not believe in TGPs that fill their listings with blind links everywhere so I added a few text links on the main page and on my archive page. I was getting around 1.3% CTR (calculated by comparing my click-throughs to my page stats).

10,000 uniques a day @ 1.3% CTR @ $0.05 per click = $6.5

$6.5 per day = $45.5 per week

As you can see from this calculation, I was making $6.5 per day from my TGP which makes more money for me than getting 1 signup per week @ $35. There are hundreds of pay per click sponsors to choose from, ranging from $0.01 to $0.18 per click but in my experience the ones that say they will pay $0.18 per click will shave a great deal of clicks :( Be aware that most pay per click sponsors require the visitor to click a link on a doorway page before you are credited for the click. A doorway page is the page that a visitor is taken to when they click the sponsor link on your site, this is normally to stop people cheating the program by using 'hit bots' and other means to generate clicks and scam the sponsor out of a lot of money.

Apart from adding text links another way of making the $$$ is to use popup consoles that load the sponsor link when the visitor either enters or leaves your site. Note that a lot of pay per click sponsors will popup loads of consoles when their sponsor link is closed, I advise you to only add consoles loading your sponsor link if they do not popup more consoles when they are closed, this will anger most surfers :( I tried this out to see what CTR I would get on my console when it loaded off my gallery archive page. I was totally amazed when I saw that around 20% of visitors where clicking on my sponsor’s doorway page in my console when it loaded.

10,000 unique a day @ 20% CTR @ $0.05 per click = $100

$100 per day = $700 per week!

When choosing a pay per click sponsor you should take into consideration the rate per click and also if the program requires you to maintain a certain ratio. I never use pay per click sponsors that require you to maintain a ratio, I use AdultClicks on all my sites and they do not require a ratio, and they don’t popup tons of consoles on the visitor. The purpose of this article is to enlighten those of you that don’t make use of this valuable revenue source, I hope I have achieved this. Keep on makin’ those $$$ ;)

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