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Thursday, June 26, 2008
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How to Generate Traffic to your Adult Web Site

by Gavin of BoobDollars

Hey everyone!

I contacted James at BoobDollars and asked him what he thought about my methods of promotion. He replied back stating that he wished all of his smaller webmasters did things in a similar way, so I offered to write up this little tutorial to help you smaller guys (like me) get some more traffic pumping to your pages.

First off, if you're not using TGP's as a method of promotion, you're really missing out on a great deal of traffic. TGP's can send your galleries thousands of uniques, and send a good deal of those right off to your sponsor. The key to big traffic from the TGP's is daily submissions. At the bottom of this email, you'll find a list of great big boob oriented TGP's that you can submit your galleries to. After submitting for a while, I'd suggest talking to the TGP webmaster and see about obtaining a partner account, so you get listed more frequently.

The TGP Gallery

For my TGP galleries, I usually use 20 pictures from the members area of the BoobDollars sites. Why 20 pictures? You'll see a little later in this e-mail. :)

If you don't have a content pass, e-mail james ( and tell him you'd like to get setup, and I'm sure he'll be back with you ASAP.

For my submissions, I strongly recommend Advanced Submitter, it really makes submissions go quick, so you have time to focus on your other traffic generating campaigns.

Now What?

Now that you've created and submitted your TGP gallery with 20 pictures... you're ready to turn it right into a free site and submit that too.

Free sites consist of a warning page, and then at least 2 pages of pictures. Minimum 10 pictures per page.

The link lists you submit to will require you to give them a reciprocal link back (recips). They usually want these recips to be above the ENTER links on your warning page. You'll want to use 6-8 recips per warning page.

So you'll want to take your TGP gallery of 20 pictures, and turn it into 2 "mini" galleries of 10 pictures each. Then you'll create your warning page and link it to your galleries. Your setup should be something like this:

warning page > gallery 1 > gallery 2


You'll want to take a copy of your warning page and remove the recips to the link lists. At the top of this warning page, add a recip back to

Boobfind is a big boob search engine that will send your free sites some nice traffic. Go to and click on "Add a site". Registration is free, and you can find the recip link you need to use once you login. All of these surfers are big boob lovers, so your traffic is already pre-filtered.

AVS Sites

Your free site can be turned into an AVS site almost instantly. Just remove the "ENTER" link from your warning page and add the AVS join form.

I recommend mirroring your free site to many AVS systems. When your site is added to the system, you're usually added to the AVS systems link list under "new sites". Everyone who is a member of the AVS is a credit card holder, and these members will login to your site from the AVS link list and browse your galleries. You may even get some sales from the link list to your AVS system :),,, and are all good AVS sites that will list your big boob sites.

Search Engines

BE SURE! to optimize all of your pages for the search engines. You'll find that a LOT of your galleries get spidered when the SEs crawl the TGP's. A TGP gallery in the search engines can bring some good qualified visitors to your sponsor, converting usually 1:10-1:50.

Your free sites too, because they will come up in the engines when the SEs crawl the link lists. So make sure you've got a good title and keywords on your page.

What else can I do?

On the root of your domain ( you will want to list all of your free sites, TGP galleries, and AVS sites. Then, on your free sites warning pages, add a little link to the bottom that says

"this site is compliments of:"

Do the same on your AVS sites and Boobfind pages. This way, your main site gets hits from different traffic sources. AVS surfers (with credit cards), free site surfers, and search engine surfers. Make sure on your main domain you make use of the BoobDollars full page adds. Add text above and below the ads, and make links to your other FPAs and free sites on the bottom of all of your pages... this way once you've got a surfer, you keep a surfer, by sending him from one of your pages to another one of your pages until he finds something that interests him.


Just imagine all of the traffic your pages will be bouncing around if you follow this routine everyday. You can easily get 100-200k hits a day to your galleries from submitting daily, 1000-10,000 hits a day to your free sites, and even more hits to your AVS sites. All of these sites sending traffic right back to your hub and off to your other pages.

The fun starts when your sites start getting listed in the search engines and you get some of that traffic off to your sponsor.

This whole system only takes me about 2-3 hours a day to complete. Once you get everything setup, it shouldn't take you much longer than that. So if you've got an extra 2-3 hours a day, this is a great way to maximize your traffic AND profits!

I hope everyone has found this tutorial informative, or at least motivating.


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