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Using Banner Exchanges

by Darren of

A banner exchange service lets you trade banner impressions with lots of other sites at once, and for webmasters who cannot afford to pay for advertising it is a free way of generating a few extra clicks to your site.

A banner impression is one display of a banner. Of course, you will need to have a banner for your site if you wish to participate in a banner exchange system, howver, they do not necessarily have to be works of art. The standard banner size is 468 pixels wide by 60 pixels high.

Banner exchange systems usually have display ratios so the service can cream a few impressions off the top for themselves. This site has a banner exchange service with a ratio of 4:5. This means if you display someones banner on your site 5 times, you will have earned 4 impressions of your banner.

To get involved in these, you just sign up, submit your details and banner info and then get some code to place on your page to display banners on your site, which is how you earn credits. Here are some popular banner exchanges you could try, (Note: the links below will open in new windows)

Adult Webmasters Club Banner Exchange
Sextracker Banner Exchange
Sex Swap
Banner Overdrive
Wild Webmasters
The Discrete Banner Exchange
Sex Swapper

You should check your stats too see how your banner is performing. If the click thru ratio drops below 1% (1 click per 100 displays) you should think of changing your banner. In my experience, amateurish looking banners tend to do quite well and outperform flashy paysite looking banners.

It's up to you where you place the banner code on your site. If you place it way below your page or in an out of the way place you will still get credits for every impression.

Alternatively, you can place it in a location where it could get clicked. Although this takes some of your traffic away, most banner exchanges give you more back in terms of credits and placement on better sites if you provide click thrus.

Banner exchanges are a cost effective way of generating some extra traffic to your site and you should try using it as part of your traffic building efforts.

Darren -

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