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AccessForLife AVS system has launched
Monday, May 13, 2002

AccessForLife, the Internets newest Adult Verification System has launched. Built by the experienced team at FreeNetPass, AccessForLife is taking the AVS model to a higher standard. AccessForLife offers the highest level of payouts and the most versatile configurations of any AVS system period. AccessForLife (AFL) breaths life back into the spirit of innovation the AVS market has been missing for quite some time.

With this new system, Webmasters are able to offer surfers LIFETIME ACCESS to the AFL system of AVS websites, active once the surfer purchases a membership to any one of the growing number of AFL paysites. The AVS access will be good for life, even if the paysite membership is canceled. Webmasters will receive an unsurpassed $25 on the initial sign-up and $20 recurring of the $39.95 monthly subscription fee, which puts AFL at the very top of the AVS payout scale. No other AVS system with this model pays more.

One of the standout differences at AFL is the sheer number of different paysites associated with the system. Most "Free" AVSs have a single paysite for their system. AFL has launched with 8 niche paysites (Teen, Asian, Ebony, Hardcore, Gay, Lesbian, Fetish, Amateur and Babes) and promises many new niches and frequent paysite launches over the next few months. As a Webmaster you have the unique opportunity to select which paysite is associated with your AVS site. You can even change this association at anytime and as often as you wish. Each paysite will also have a dedicated niche join page. Combined this with the over 60 niche join scripts now available, you will be able to fine tune which combination works best for your traffic, boosting your conversion ratios to the highest possible levels. Here's the kicker, once a surfer joins one paysite, he or she will have access to all of the AFL niche paysites for the entire length of the membership. Paysites are updated weekly and as new niche paysites are added, the value of the membership increases and the likelihood of a longer stay in the system also increase. Because of the unique nature of the AFL system design, industry professionals expect conversion ratios and rebill percentages to out perform most existing AVS systems.

The innovations and advantages don't stop with its unique structure. AFL has been built by webmasters who understand the value of a surfer and they have included features to help you make the most out of each visitor to your site. For example, one of the basic principles of the "Lifetime Access" is to give you a large source of recurring traffic to use for up selling additional products. AFL has also added a pop-up window that will spawn if the surfer leaves the join page without getting their free access. The pop-up will contain a list of "your" other sites in the AFL system and will encourage the surfer to check them out. This gives potential customers a taste of the rest of the system while giving you a second chance at the sale.

As experienced webmasters, the crew at AFL is actively seeking additional Webmaster input. Through polls and open communications, AFL plans on continually upgrading the system by implementing features and suggestions made by its participating webmasters. The goal is to make AFL a primarily Webmaster driven adult password system. With their years of experience in providing top notch Webmaster and customer support at FreeNetPass, the AFL staff is also offering near 24 hour 7 day a week support via e-mail, ICQ, discussion boards and a live support chat room. Proving AFL's commitment to you and continuing the tradition of the best support in the industry.

AFL has also utilized this experience to design one of the most user friendly and functional Webmaster Areas to date. A robust system of advanced sales and site statistics including real time stats with fully customizable date range selection showcases this new generation of site and sales statistics. Quick and easy to use tools to add or modify sites and create custom .htaccess code are provided. To top it all off, with the extensive selection of tips, tutorials, discussion boards and links to the top resource sites and you will find this one of the best webmasters areas you have even used.

Sounds great doesn't it? Sign-up and experience it for yourself. And don't forget to get your friends to join too. For the first month, AFL is offering and outrageous Webmaster referral deal. For each new Webmaster you bring into the system, AFL will pay you $50 per referral. Just get 4 friends to join and that's a cool $200 in your pocket.

AVS webmasters have been waiting for a new innovation that will revitalize their sales growth. The wait is over, AccessForLife is the answer!

Join Access For Life Here!

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