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Totemcash has a new mentor, with a new vision
Tuesday, May 28, 2002

In a world where Webmasters are kings, creating a killer cash-portal is probably the most important thing you'll do all year. But when your company has the best conversion ratio in the industry and a couple of thousand clients on board every day, you gotta go beyond expectations. At TotemCash, the portal behind leading products: Virtuagirl and Stripsaver, a more efficient and user-friendly arena is in the making, to increase revenues for everybody!

At just 22, Olivier Domengie, the new chief running bull at TOTEMCASH is already quickly becoming a veteran affiliation manager. Four years ago, while he was still at high school, OD, as he's known at Totem, ran his own soccer website which became an overnight success, reaching the number 2 spot for soccer sites in France. After that he was head of affiliations at one of the biggest e-commerce sites, again, in France. Here OD talks about his approach to maximizing the 'Win-Win' relationship between affiliation managers and their members, how to stand out from the rest, and why over 10,000 webmasters can't be wrong!

" Well, first of all, there's something that a lot of affiliators don't get in this business, or just haven't realized yet: your clients, the Webmasters of the online adult world, are the most important people out there. Without them we wouldn't even be here today. People are wary of getting ripped off, which is normal, but most revshare programs, like our own 'Totemcash', are genuine. We're for real, the products are for real, and most importantly, the revenues are for real, just ask any of our members !

The site has got to be user-friendly. That means simplifying it's general layout, which will make navigation and information searching for users faster and easier. Also, you have to make it appealing to future members, to clearly show the advantages of a partnership with your cash-portal. Finally, and probably most importantly, the site has to contain a lot of new features each week for existing and new members. Ye gotta keep it alive ! Powerful statistics interfaces are always welcome as that means that Webmasters are able to manage their accounts more easily. You have to have newsletters, shorter response times to questions or problems and promotional events like Bonus days where revenues can triple if you subscibe a fellow webmaster to a certain program.

Its all about trying to build better relationships with your clients, and we all know that online customer service strategy is twice as important because you'll probably never get to meet all of your partners face to face. The message has to be stronger and the service better to fill that space. Having new technology or great products will only bring you so far, for a product to really work on the net you have to share the wealth, make it worth the while for your clients and partners to advertise your products on their sites.

Webmasters want trustworthy, well-paid partnerships with strong brand names or unique products. If you take all that and add continuous renewal of your site content, you got one hell of a good deal going on. I tell clients that our program is like the Viagra of cash portals, you're performance will double in days! They get the picture..


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