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EveryCent Announces $75 May Day
Sunday, April 07, 2002

EveryCent Affilliate Program ( has raised the bar on earnings. On May 1, 2002, the magic number is 75. EveryCent's webmasters will make $75 per signup for the first twenty. For every signup thereafter, webmasters receive $50. This is the GOLDEN opportunity of the year. EveryCent is THE affiliate program that truly understands the gay niche. With seven sizzling, hot sites, EveryCent is the premier program for selling to the gay and transsexual market. EveryCent, one of the highest converting affiliate programs, pays its webmasters up to $45 per signup every two weeks. They've always sent checks out on time and always will. Awesome sites like Muscled Men ( cater to bodybuilders. GayVideoland ( is filled with gay movies and live video shows. Shemalesonly ( features terrific transsexual content. Selling is easy. Surfers get exciting erections. Webmasters earn big time boy bucks. EveryCent offers sensational resource tools for traffic submission, in addition to exceptional promotional banners, phenomenal full page ads, and tantalizing text links. It's a one-stop shop for webmasters who want to make massive money. EveryCent accepts blind link traffic. Affiliates track their money with up to the minute, real-time stats. Get ready for May 1st, destined to be the hottest dollar day of the year. $75 per signup for the first twenty and $50 for everything after, is a real eye-opener. This is not the day to sleep. If you are not a member yet, join EveryCent now at

Every Cent

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