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Making Money With Porn Online

by Darren of

Hello and welcome to our first in a series of articles aimed at the absolute beginner who knows absolutely nothing about making adult web sites or the online adult industry. If you want to learn how to start making some extra money in your spare time then read on my son!

Well firstly I can tell you, it is very possible indeed to make mega bucks from your own home with just a computer and a bit of time and patience. It's not as easy as it was in the golden years of the late 90's but with some hard work and persistence you can still have your slice of the cake. You don't even need lots of money to start your online business, you can get started today with no outlay whatsoever, just your time! Obviously it helps if you can invest something for better hosting or content. By the way, don't steal porno pictures from other sites for yours - you will be taking an unncessary risk doing this, it's unethical, illegal and you won't make any friends in the biz by doing this, there are many places you can get free pictures to use legally. Check out the sponsors resources section, most sponsors provide free content.

I will be giving you newbies a new lesson every week or so, so make sure you come back and read them all and follow them. I will not bullshit you, this is no 'get rich quick' scheme, it's a business and you should treat it like one to get the most out of it.

Why am I doing this? Well, the thing is, I want to recruit a few of you and take you through this series and all I ask is that you when you sign up to anything you do it via the links provided on this site. I will then get a bonus based on what you earn from the big online porn companies you will be working alongside.

So you see, it is in my interest to get you earning as much as possible. Note: This is not a cut of your earnings, it's an extra bonus paid by AVS companies like AdultCheck and CyberAge for example, to encourage me to recruit new webmasters to join their programs. It makes no difference at all to your earnings. I will go out of my way to help you more in the chat forums or by email on a one-to-one basis if you are one of my referred webmasters. Please use the chat forums as your first port of call for any questions you may have as other experienced adult webmasters may also offer help. You'll be amazed how helpful many webmasters are in this business.

Ok, now let's get started. There are many ways to make money in the adult industry such as with AVS sites, promoting premium pay sites, thumbnail gallery posts, affiliate programs, your own pay sites and free sites. One of the most common and best ways for a newbie to start is with AVS sites. AVS stands for age verification system or age verification service and the AVS systems provide a means of protecting your members area from access by children. Here's the best part - it also allows you to make money from your web site!!

Because AVS systems have tens of thousands of adult sites in their programs, you can use this to your advantage. Even if your first AVS site has only say, 30 or 50 pictures, you can still sell a password/membership because the customer gets access to ALL of the participating sites in that AVS program, not just yours. That is the message you have to get across to the surfer and the key to making your first sale.

AVS systems provide all the customer service, credit card billing etc. so all you have to worry about is building the sites and marketing them. You get paid a cut of the membership fees from the AVS. With these tutorials and the Adult Webmasters Cafe, we will help you get your first sale and then hopefully many more should follow. Trust me, that first one will be the bitch of the bunch, but stick with it. Hard work and patience is the key, but believe me when you get your first pay check, you will feel good! Then, when you have made your first sale there is no reason you can't make another and then another, you just need to learn how to get more traffic to your sites. Generally, everyone who is surfing around the web for porn are referred to as 'traffic'. This is the most important ingredient for success. You can have the flashiest, coolest looking site around but if no one is looking at it, you won't make a bean! We will cover traffic building in depth later, but for now we need to get you to be able to make a small simple AVS site.

I will take you down the AVS site route as I think this is the best and easiest way to start out. You are also not taking any legal risks by offering free hardcore porn. If the pics you are going to use are hardcore, it is best to put them behind an AVS or direct them to a premium pay site for this stuff

In the late 90's many adult webmasters were very successful by making thousands of small shitty AVS sites as it was quite easy back then to make sales just from the traffic that the AVS sent you from their own participating sites links list. Nowadays, you need to get your own traffic to your sites from outside sources as AVS's don't send as much traffic to you now as their systems have been diluted with more and more sites being added over the years. Therefore, rather than making a shitload of sites, I recommend you make just a few and take some time to make them look good and then devote your time to traffic building.

You're probably saying, "But I've no idea how to make a site, isn't that difficult?". The answer is no. To make your first AVS site, all you need to learn are the basics of HTML. (Hyper Text Markup Language) This is the language used to make a simple web page.

I ain't gonna teach you that here, but I will point you to the best places and tutorials on the web that will. Here I will show you how to get and employ the skills needed to make money in the adult industry.

To get started, you will need a HTML editor. Cute HTML is one of the best. You can download it for free here. When you are writing HTML, use this editor and save the file to your hard disk with a .html extension. (eg page1.html) then go to your browser and load up that page to see the output.

Then you will need some web space - this will be where your site is stored. Now, you can get free web space everywhere, but it would be a good move if you can afford it to buy some web space. Don't worry about that just yet, once you have a site ready, I will show you how to get it live.

Here's some homework for you, go to WebMonkey's online tutorials and learn how to place text and graphics on to a page using HTML. Once you can do that you're almost there! All you need then is to learn how to link your pages together. Their tutorials are very good and easy to follow for beginners. Click here to go to the HTML basics tutorial now!

If you get stuck just ask me in the forums here. Otherwise grab some free content from a sponsor. Most sponsors give you free pictures to use on your sites if you advertise their site from your members area. They even pay you for any members you send to them! As much as $70 for you referring a surfer taking out just a 2.95 3 day trial! Tell me this is not the business to be in! They can do this as they are hoping the surfer will stay a member for a few months and get the money back they paid you with rebills. They are massive companies so they have done the math. Most are reputable and pay all their webmasters on time. The ones I recommend can be found in the sponsors section of the resources directory.

An example of the layout of your first AVS site Try building a site with the structure shown in the diagram. This is all you need to get your first site. 5 simple pages linked in that order. Click here for an example site. You can just use text for your logos and titles, we will move on to making graphics later. On this one however, I have put the warning text on the main page and have used FreeNetPass as the AVS. FreeNetPass actually pay you $15 for every FREE membership you can give away! Try this one, you should be able to sell a few free passes.

You can do it how you feel is best, the diagram just shows one of the most popular methods. Oh, and if you don't know what type of site to do, start with a niche that you yourself like, you will probably be able to sell it better. Here's a tip: Usually the more obscure the niche the better the sign ups. There's not many 'fat hairy midgets in lederhosen' sites out there ;)

I will briefly outline below what these pages contain and their purpose and then in the next lesson I will show you how to make each page, finish your first site and get it submitted to an AVS.

  • Start/Warning Page - This page usually contains just a site title at the top, and some warning text and an Enter and Exit link. You could also add a nice picture under your title to tease the surfer in.

  • Main Page - This is where you can offer the surfer some samples of what they can find inside your members area. Make sure they are softcore images or are censored as this page could be viewed by minors. It is best to show thumbnails of your sample pics. These are just smaller versions that when clicked on lead to a bigger sample. You should also start to mention in your sales pitch text that an ID is needed to enter the members area and point out the deal I mentioned before to the surfer.(How they get access to thousands of other adult sites with this one ID)

  • Sample Pages - These can be HTML pages containing a big picture sample (softcore) and perhaps some further sales pitch text selling the AVS and a link to your AVS log in page. Alternatively, you could have your AVS script under each sample image.

  • AVS Login Page - When you submit your site to the AVS system you will be given some code that will create the log in script for ID holders. You just copy and paste it into your page.

  • Members Area - This is the page that is accessible after members enter their AVS password. This will contain your gallery(s) showing all your pictures. This may only be 30 pics (different AVS's have different requirements) but make sure you don't lie about what is inside your site on the outer pages. Be honest.

    In Lesson 2, assuming you have now learned how to place text and images and link your pages together, I will show you how to make the above pages and the things you should be doing. By the end Lesson 2, you will be ready to submit your first site to an AVS system.

    If you get stuck or have any questions go to the Adult Webmasters Club forums and ask in there, I check them all the time, or email me at the address below.

    Learn basic HTML now! That's your first big step to making extra money.

    Darren -

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